Since the time when you purchase your PC and connect it to the Internet, it can be under attack. Often users complain that their computers are running slow.

The prospective reasons of this thing are:

  • Your computer is not powerful enough for those applications, which are running
  • Your computer has a virus
  • You may have installed several conflicting anti-virus programs
  • The drivers on your PC don’t work properly and also cause issues often
  • Your PC is loaded with some poorly written “bloatware” directly offered by the software vendor
  • Some critical application may require to be repaired or reinstalled
  • The updates from Windows or from any other sources cause temporary issues with the Operating System
  • Hardware like the hard drive of your PC has started falling and also malfunctioning
  • Unnecessary services may be running in the background, consuming computer resources
  • The tool bars and other malware/adware affecting your web browser’s performance

But it is important to keep the system clean enough to maintain a great productivity level. This is the place where ajsoftnapps can help you. Here at this company, we have several years of experience in resolving the hardware, software or the networking issues of the computer and we only believe in working to satisfy our client needs. So, we can help you with your PC, your servers and networks while optimizing the installations and removing all the threats. Besides, we also work as the ultimate computer support center for your PC or laptop by offering remote PC maintenance service.

The PC maintenance service that we offer at ajsoftnapps is highly appreciated by our client base located in different geographical locations and as a result, our clients always rely on our service.

Now let’s have a look at the details of the service that we offer:

  • We start by reviewing each of the software solutions installed on the PC of our clients. Besides, by taking the permission of our clients, we also remove all the applications, which are not appropriate for their business.
  • We run different diagnostic programs on the software and hardware to scan for the security threats and problems, which can put the computer at risk.
  • Next we remove all the unnecessary add-ons and toolbars from the browser.
  • Then we update all the remaining applications to eliminate the security loopholes and also to show our clients how to keep on doing this on their own if they desire to do this. Last but not the least, we also recommend some hardware upgrades in case we think that it will improve the performance of your computer system.

So, call ajsoftnapps, in case you really believe that your PC is running really slowly than they should. We will help you totally in solving your problem by offering a total PC maintenance support service. At this company, we only work with the aim that the systems of your clients remain clean and free from any virus and other contaminants that can shorten the life of your computer.